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Tips to help you be more efficient working from home


More and more people are working from home these days. Following the spread of Covid-19, companies around the globe have found a solution to work remotely. Some employees will work from home for the first time, which means understanding how to stay on task in a new environment that may not lend itself to productivity. But there are ways to deliver results and avoid ‘shock’ by setting up a good workspace on how to talk to your team.

Being efficient at working from home can be challenging. There’s a lot of distraction, and little communication about the work you’re doing. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. There are many ways to work productively from any location.

  1. Keep regular working hours
    This is the first step to productivity while you are working from home. It is very tempting to give yourself complete flexibility in your beginnings. But you’re hurting yourself if you’re not consistent. When you give yourself certain hours of work, you are accountable to yourself and your employer. Increases the likelihood that you will do all your tasks, and colleagues will find it easier to contact you if they know when you will be available.
  2. Keep your working time and personal time separate
    As important as it is to work when you say you will work, just as important is the breaks you make. Do not prolong your workday more than you have planned so that you do not exceed your powers. Separating work time and personal time helps you be productive while at work, and reduces stress when you are not working. In the same way that you schedule your work hours, schedule, communicate, and schedule when you will not be available to work.
  3. Plan the workflow
    A surefire way to keep productivity high is to properly plan your work day. Before you start working, make sure you set the day’s tasks, how long you think it will take you to get everything done, and what you will do if you have extra time.
    When planning, consider the following:
    • Perform high priority tasks first
    • Schedule tasks with your natural cycle – make tasks more difficult when you have more energy throughout the day
    • Schedule rewards and breaks throughout the day
  4. Create a home office
    It can be tempting to work from the sofa, or even from the bed, but this is by no means productive. Try to work in the same room every day, with a desk and chairs, to tell the brain that it’s time for work. That way you’ll be more confident and more organized.
  5. Don’t allow distractions
    Being efficient at work from home is about limitations, as we said above. This means that children, pets, partners, or friends are not allowed in your “office”. Ask them not to bother you while you work so you can be focused.
  6. Get inspired
    A great advantage of working from home is that you can’t distract your colleagues or be distracted. Play your favorite songs with as much volume as you can if it helps you with productivity. Either try listening to nature soundtracks, instrumental music, or just open the window to hear outside noises.

If you can master these tips, you’ll be a home-based professional. You will probably still be more productive than in the office.