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National Women’s Week In Business


What is National Business Women’s Week?

The purpose of National Business Women’s Week is “to recognize women who have been the cornerstone of working in business and to examine how far women in business have come.”
For decades, the contribution of a myriad of business women has been hidden, unfortunately under a veil of prejudice and discrimination. However, obstacles haven’t stopped women from meeting their goals, even if recognition was lacking.

National Business Women’s Week has been celebrated every year since 1938 on the third full week of October. Acknowledging the strong women that help the world of business through nurture and care way is the way of the future.

Long gone are the days of women’s businesses consisting of cosmetics and cleaning supplies. Today women owned businesses are making an impact in nearly every sector. We congratulate the women owned businesses we work with in the sectors of consulting, education, employment, tutoring, vision testing and computer technology.

We are in a time in history where women are growing a stronger and louder voice, sense of empowerment and motivation to be part of the business world. It is no surprise that women are an essential key for success, their input and creativity give businesses a unique mark to bring to the business.

Below you have a list of countries that are best suited for women who are in the workforce. This information from PwC was compiled by Forbes and Statista to assess where women’s workplace equality ranks on a global level.
Index scores for female economic empowerment in OECD countries in 2017.

  1. Iceland = 79.1%
  2. Sweden = 76.1%
  3. New Zealand = 73.6%
  4. Slovenia = 73.5%
  5. Norway = 72.3%
  6. Luxembourg = 71.9%
  7. Denmark = 70.1%
  8. Poland = 69.2%
  9. Finland = 67.6%
  10. Belgium = 66.1%

In honor of National Business Women’s week we want to thank and appreciate our women in business:
Arbe AdemiBoard Member and Executive Assistant
Edita BejtuliPersonal Assistant to the CEO
Rina FazliuHead of Legal Affairs Department
Pavlina TodorovskaHead of Accounting and Finance
Radmila Boshkoska MihajlovskaArchitect
Besiana KurtishiArchitect
Alba ShaqiriSocial Media Manager
Milena Tisevska Marketing Manager
Emira AliuCustomer Support

We are proud of you and your accomplishments; our workplace wouldn’t be the same without you.