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Interview with Exterior Designer at Mercedes-Benz – Slavche Tanevski


Follow your dreams. Believe in yourself, work on yourself and your own qualities. In life, you’ll lose more than you’ll win. You need to turn defeats into lessons learned and see them as motivation.

Why Germany and Mercedes-Benz? Coincidence or dream?

Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari have always been my favorite brands and I have always dreamed of working for any of them. Eventually I got an offer from both sides, my dream came true. Too bad I couldn’t be cloned and work both sides. Why Germany? Firstly because of the quality of higher education and the fact that most employers are located there.

Will you tell us what experiences and difficulties you encountered on the way to achieving your goal? What does it mean to be an Exterior Designer at Mercedes-Benz?

I can only point out pleasant experiences. First from student days, collaborating with design studios like Lamborghini, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche … right up to the last CLA Shooting Brake presentation in Geneva with Daimler’s top management. It is difficult for me to be away from home, but the ambition and accomplishment have somehow covered it. Fortunately, I have the opportunity to visit Macedonia often. Being an exterior designer for Mercedes means shaping the future of the brand, creating an advanced and appealing segment-leading product and pioneering many technologies. At the same time you give something to humanity.

What do you like most about your work?

I like that I can create, translate feelings and visions into something concrete. I have great responsibility for multimillionaire projects, which is also a burden. However, I still feel the job as a hobby. Also working in a team of top professionals with the same wavelength is my pleasure.

What does one day of Slavche Tanevski look like?

Depending on the period. At least it is an artistic expression, a drawing that I miss. The most is supervision of making a model of clay and observing all laws and regulations for the purpose of serial production of the vehicle. With that comes many meetings, negotiations ….

What are your sources of inspiration?

The tempo is sometimes so hellish that you don’t have time to think. The design itself comes out of you. Of course this comes from the whole experience behind you. My travels, new locations I discover, aeronautics, sea life, fashion, etc. are inspiring to me.

How long does it take to design a car?

For drawing a few minutes, for a month or two model, and for a mass-ready design for up to one year. Then comes engineering, tests and production preparation, all of which last up to 3 and a half years, from the first sketch to the start of sales.

How would you describe your style and technique?

Techniques are changing with the tendency for full digitization. Most of the process takes place on the computer until the final definition of the final model of clay. My style is not subject to conformism and mainstream, on the contrary it is provocative and rebellious. Sometimes it is good, but sometimes it is more difficult for the management to play for sure.

What is the new model GLC Coupe?

The GLC Coupe received a redesign this year. Refreshing the front, with a new front and rear light group. We now adapt the AMG Panamericana front grille to give the vehicle a more sporty note. Also on offer is the innovative MBUX operating system for driver and passenger communication.

What to expect next?

The most powerful compact vehicles on the CLA 45 AMG market in the Coupe and Shooting Brake variants.

What do you recommend to those who want to follow your steps?

To follow their dream. To believe in themselves, to work on themselves and their own qualities. To be disciplined and not to give up. In life, you lose many times what you get. They need to turn defeats into lessons learned and serve as motivation, and to enjoy successes.