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How Coffee Changes The Workplace


Providing a quality coffee machine in the office saves your employees time and money and makes them feel like you care.
In addition, coffee stimulates the release of dopamine, a feel-good chemical in the brain, improving your mood and helping to stabilize your emotions so you feel better throughout the work day. Better emotional stability and less tiredness means you’ll get more done.

Discover and enjoy the original sensations of selected high-quality coffee flavors that ama caffe offers:


Intenso is the real Italian espresso, with a clear and strong taste. It has a full body and compelling flavor with a slight touch of aroma. A blend of Robusta Asian temperament, strong and clear, sweetened by the intervention of the Arabica that compliments its aroma. Perfect drink to obtain the proper charge of energy.


Premium espresso is the coffee for the connoisseurs thanks to its fine aroma, low acidity and the chocolate aftertaste. Premium espresso is a strong coffee, coming from the central region of South America, with a well balanced mix of aromas. It could be enjoyed throughout the day thanks to its low caffeine content.


Careful selection and sourcing help to create a pure Arabica espresso with a sweet and subtle aroma. With its reduced caffeine content, it is the ideal companion to any enjoyable break.


Decaffeinated espresso is made of a blend of Arabica and Robusta characterized by a fine and gentle taste of a delicate aroma, assuring the same full-bodied flavor of a regular coffee. Could be enjoyed at any time given the low provision of caffeine which do not exceed 0.1%.

Coffee in the workplace can improve everything from relationships with coworkers to work performance.

Benefits of coffee at work:


  • Relieves workplace stress
  • Promotes sharing of professional opinions
  • Encourages creativity
  • Brings colleagues together


  • 1 large cup of coffee can help sleep-deprived employees: control behavior, resist unethical behavior, strengthen willpower
  • Caffeinated shift workers had improved performance and made fewer errors than decafeinated colleagues


For those sitting at their desk and working on their keyboards all day, caffeine consumption has shown to ease pain in: neck, shoulders, forearms, wrists.