About the blog

We have created this blog to share knowledge and encourage others with our experiences. Here we will write about the experiences, obstacles, and problems our colleagues face and how to overcome them.

If the correct statement is, “We share knowledge” then the greatest virtue is to share knowledge with others. In this blog you can “explore” in categories that can contribute to the development of personal and professional skills.

In the “Success story” category, our colleagues will present their work, energy, enthusiasm, difficulties, obstacles, ideas, teamwork, solutions and perseverance they pursued during their assignments.

To get to know us better, we will discuss how we use our free time. We can inspire you to expand your career or pursue your own interests by actively taking advantage of your free time and enjoying it. Hobbies, running, walking, painting … why not?

From the heart – it will certainly be part of your visit, as humanitarian action is an important and especially costly part of our business community. Numerous humanitarian actions have provided support to children and young people with disabilities, students with social disabilities, orphans…

We are always here to support any change that will positively impact the environment in which we live.